What needs to be done to obtain an ISO certification?
19 March 2021 

What needs to be done to obtain an ISO certification?

An ISO standard sets requirements that an organisation must meet if you want to obtain an ISO certification. But how does it work exactly?

Determine your approach for getting an ISO certification

Before you get started, it is important to determine how you want to approach the project. The most common ways are:

  • Purchasing the standard and implementing it independently
  • Attending a training course
  • Support by an external consultant
  • Using an implementation tool such as My ISO Genius

Purchase the ISO standard

To be able to comply with the standard it is important to purchase the standard first (if you want to do this yourself!). These can be bought at www.nen.nl. Buy the standard and read it thoroughly to determine which requirements you need to meet.


You start by making an inventory of how work is done. What is already present? What still needs to be done to meet the standard requirements? In this step, we establish how work is carried out within the company. What is already present and what still has to be done to comply with the standard?


Subsequently, you start drawing up documentation. In this phase, you want to meet the standard ‘on paper’, so you put your procedures on paper and possibly a handbook if this was not already available.

Keeping records

After this, you start working with various registration files that almost every standard requires. Examples are supplier assessment, risk analysis, corrective measures, complaints, customer satisfaction, etc. You will also actually use and analyse the data, because with this you can steer or adjust your management system.

The internal audit

Almost all management systems require an organisation to perform internal audits. But what is an internal audit? Besides this obligation, an internal audit is the perfect time for you to check whether your organisation is ready for the external audit or whether adjustments are still needed. It is the ideal moment to observe opportunities, risks and trends. During such an internal audit, we look at how the management system functions and whether it complies with the standard.

The management review

The management review is one of the most important documents within the quality system. The management review assesses the operation of the quality management system. Various subjects such as results from audits and satisfaction surveys, an analysis of suppliers and an analysis of complaints or incidents received are reviewed here. Possible actions for improvement are formulated on the basis of the analyses. An organisation cannot be certified without a management assessment that meets all the prescribed requirements.

The external audit

Your management system is implemented, your documentation is ready, your organisation is informed, in short: time for the external audit. An external auditor will visit your organisation to determine whether the management system is effective and whether it is being used correctly. After the audit, you receive a report with the result, the conclusion and any recommendations.

Or just do it yourself

It seems a lot, it may seem complicated. But it is not! Especially with the right guidance and support. Even better: you can do it yourself. My ISO Genius is a tool that helps you ensure your ISO certification. The tool helps you discover what the standard of your choice means, which steps you need to take, and how to prepare everything so effectively that the only possible outcome of an audit is that you get your ISO certificate. Nice detail: doing it yourself saves you a lot of money and time because My ISO Genius has already set everything out for you. Want to know more? Click here, request a free demo and let yourself get surprised by the convenience and easy use!

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