Why get ISO certification?

You are about to be put out to tender, or you want to win a contract with a new customer or government body, and you are not chosen because you do not have an ISO certificate. It’s time to look into this, because missing out on a contract for that reason is really not the […]

What is an ISO certification?

Companies are increasingly being asked to submit an ISO certificate. To obtain ISO certification, a company must meet the requirements of the relevant standard. This often concerns standards such as ISO 9001 for quality management, but sometimes also standards such as ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 45001 and VCA for health and safety management […]

How to deal with a major non conformity

During the external audit, the certification body finds a critical deviation with regard to one of the standard requirements. What now? First of all: no need to panic! Consider a deviation as a gift and not as criticism; it will certainly not result in the loss of your certificate. It gives you the opportunity to […]

How to properly prepare for an audit

Audits are crucial to receive and maintain certification. Yet they are often perceived as anxious moments. With good preparation you have already won half the battle: it ensures that you can enter the audit with confidence.  Have sufficient knowledge of the requirements! Of course it starts with this: make sure you have enough knowledge and […]

Common mistakes in quality management (and how to avoid them)

The first mistake: “I have a manual and procedures so I am doing well in quality management”. A book full of printed paper does not make quality, people make quality. Of course, a system is the basis, the pillar to start from and eventually to fall back on. However, the foundation is laid much earlier. […]

What steps do I have to take to obtain an ISO certificate?

An ISO standard sets requirements that an organisation must meet in order to obtain an ISO certificate. But how does it work exactly?  Determine your approach Before you get started, it is important to determine how you want to approach the project. The most prevalent ways: – Purchase the standard and implement it independently; – […]

9 tips for effective quality improvement

Quality improvement is the most important goal of an ISO 9001 quality management system. Therefore, continuous improvement and process optimisation are important in order to obtain your certificate. Many organisations struggle with the proper implementation of quality improvement. In this article we give you 9 practical tips to achieve more results. Tip 1: Don’t make […]

ISO 9001 and quality management

In the world of ISO standards, many of the standards focus on quality management. The most important and most widely used standard in the world is ISO 9001. Since 1987, ISO 9001 has been the standard for quality management most frequently certified by organisations. The result? ISO 9001 is the most certified ISO standard worldwide.  […]

ISO 9001 for one-man businesses and the self employed

Often we get asked if it is possible for small one-man businesses and self-employed persons to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate. The answer is a clear and simple yes! ISO 9001 is pre-eminently a standard in which the complexity of the management system depends on the size of the organisation. As a sole proprietor or […]

ISO 9001: what is it and what does it really mean?

With ISO 9001 you use internationally recognised standards for quality. It has also been proven that companies with an ISO 9001 certificate achieve higher annual turnover than non-certified companies.