Corona and internal audits
21 May 2021 

Corona and internal audits

We have been living with Corona for over a year. Although it seems the worst is over working from home is still the norm. But even at home, work goes on, as do audits. How do you conduct an internal audit remotely in such a way that it is of good quality?


What do you need to think about?

  • What tool are we going to use?
  • Is everything working?
  • What are the risks?



Clear communication is also a requirement for a remote audit. Plan the audit program so that it is appropriate for a remote audit or, if necessary, adjust the audit program if it had already been prepared but no longer appears adequate. Project visits, for example, are virtually impossible to audit remotely.

Plan timely! Diaries fill up and people need to be able to prepare themselves, especially if they need to see documentation that is not digital. Make sure your auditees know what they are being audited for and clearly indicate what you want to see and how many samples you will take as a minimum.


Conducting the Audit

Conduct the audit as you normally would: an interview with an opening discussion, a substantive part, and a closing discussion. Interview the auditee about the particular standards item or process for which he/she is responsible. Make sure you collect evidence. Ask the auditee to share his or her screen with you, so that you can also view the evidence during a remote audit.  Make a good note of which documents, registrations etc. you have seen in order to make your audit fully traceable. Good feedback to the auditee during the audit about what you observe and what your findings are is essential, because digital communication is simply less clear.



It is also important to keep a report during a remote audit. Always describe well and clearly that it concerns a remote audit and what risks are involved: for example, that you have not been able to see certain parts (operation of machines) or that things may not have gone smoothly due to Internet problems. Furthermore, you use the usual procedure for completing your audits.


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More information

Do you have further questions on this subject? Would you like more information? Or do you need help with conducting a remote internal audit? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to be of service.

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