Certification service

Want to get started with My ISO Genius, but no time to implement your ISO management system yourself? Or do you want to be unburdened? Then our implementation service is ideal for your organisation.  


With this service, a consultant, from our subsidiary KAM Consultants, will implement your ISO management system within the software of My ISO Genius. Not only will you be 100% sure that you are implementing your management system as efficiently as possible, you will also be assured of achieving your certification. 


There are three possible options for the implementation service:  

Management system - certification service - My ISO Genius
Managementsysteem - coaching

1. Coaching in the set-up of your management system

In coaching, we discuss what is expected of your organisation for each module. Together with the project team within your organisation, we will start implementing the ISO management system. You will never have to figure out for yourself what you need to do in every part in order to obtain the certification you want. After we have had a thorough look together, you will start to perform the relevant activities yourself. Our consultant checks the results and makes adjustments where necessary.  

Managementsysteem - intensieve begeleiding

2. Intensive guidance in setting up your management system

Intensive guidance means the full implementation of all standard components, the description of processes and the outsourcing of the writing of documentation. In this way, you ensure that the time within the organisation is used as efficiently as possible. The consultant will also train your employees in the use of My ISO Genius, so that everyone in the organization will actively work with the management system. 

Managementsysteem - volledig partner

3. Cooperative partner in your management system

Do you want to be certain after implementation that your ISO management system will be well maintained and that attention will be paid to continuous improvement? Then we are your partner! We will stay connected to the organisation, regularly check My ISO Genius for new developments and analyse deviations, complaints and improvement possibilities. We will propose the right measures to ensure continuous improvement within your organisation. 

Are you not yet sure which option best suits your personal needs? Or do you have issues you are struggling with in your certification process?