Quality management in your company; how to go about it?
13 April 2021 

Quality management in your company; how to go about it?

Quality, a subject that is high on the agenda of many organisations. We all want the best quality, but what are we prepared to pay for it? The ultimate consideration is the price/quality ratio. People are prepared to spend more money if the quality of a product or service is good. In technical jargon, we call this ‘quality management’. How do you organise this properly in your company? ISO 9001 is the most widely used system for this purpose worldwide. 


What does quality management stand for?

A much-heard question is what quality management stands for. A random definition found on the Internet teaches us that quality management stands for ”organising measures to ensure that the (customer) needs and expectations are met”. A CEO would add ”to manage risks in such a way as to ensure business continuity”. The definition of quality management is the underlying idea of ISO 9001. Meeting internal and external expectations and organising a good risk management system. 


What does quality mean for your company?

An important step for organisations in a growth phase or start-ups is to identify what quality means for your company. People often think that quality is mainly about having the best product or service on the market, but this can be interpreted much more broadly. For example, quality can stand for a high social interest, working efficiently or achieving the highest possible growth. In this case, there is no right or wrong, as long as you dare to be honest with yourself and the organisation. 


Build on your mission and vision with ISO 9001

A quality management system starts by propagating an honest mission statement and vision. Who do we want to be and what do we want to strive for? Being honest ensures that you attract potential customers who are a better match for your organisation. ISO 9001 is a perfect building block to further build the foundation around the mission and vision. In addition, the standard ensures that the processes within the organisation are optimised, so that the quality management system becomes part of the company. 


Improve your organisation with a good quality management system

In the past, ISO 9001 was often seen as a marketing paper: “Look what we have, we are good”. Within the organisation, someone was put forward to implement the standard properly and the rest of the employees preferred to have nothing to do with it. We see that this thinking is changing considerably and that is partly due to the changing requirements of ISO 9001. The latest version of the standard is ISO 9001:2015 and in this version, the requirements of the standard have found a better connection with the core activities of the organisations. Implementing the standard is now seen as an improvement rather than an additional burden. Organisations are increasingly aware of good quality management and want to keep improving the system. 


Implement ISO 9001 with My ISO Genius

To organise this properly within your organisation, you can use the convenient online tool My ISO Genius. My ISO Genius supports organisations in explaining the standard requirements, provides practical tips and handy formats. This makes it very easy to implement ISO 9001 yourself. The online tool helps you to set up and structure the standard correctly, so that the quality management system is perfectly suited to your organisation. 

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