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Implementation tool for your ISO standard

Regardless of what ISO standard you’re interested in, with My ISO Genius you’re assured of obtaining your ISO certification for your company.

Find out what the standard means, which steps you need to take, how to tackle everything effectively and methodically, and how to prepare for an audit with only one outcome possible – obtaining your ISO certificate.

Get access to all information, formats and resources you need to guarantee yourself a certificate.

Set up an ISO system by yourself, and receive all the help you need.  Save yourself unnecessary expense, effort and research. My ISO Genius has already done all the legwork for you.

All you need to do is follow the steps.

  • All about your ISO standard of choice;
  • ISO standardisation in practice;
  • Steps towards obtaining the certificate;
  • Preparing for the audit.

ISO certification in just four steps

Because we know everything about the ISO standards, the most useful formats, and the smartest way to set up your management system, we also know exactly what you need to obtain ISO certification.

All steps are already laid out for you in My ISO Genius. You will find everything you need to know about what the standard means, the practical application of the standard, the steps necessary to obtain the certificate, and how to prepare for the audit.

about iso certification

About the ISO standard

Learn all about the meaning of your chosen standard 

Learn ISO In practise

Implementation on the job

What does certification mean for the day-to-day business of your organisation?
iso certification

Obtaining the certificate 

We have already worked out what steps you need to take in order to achieve certification. 
Preparing for the audit

Preparing for the audit

We tell you exactly how to prepare your organisation for an audit, down to every last detail 

Why use My ISO Genius

Why use My ISO Genius for your certification?

With My ISO Genius you get all the knowledge you need. The tool is your own online ISO advisor, an advisor who is always available and can be reached day and night. You save time and money. Time that can be very valuable: the sooner your company is ISO certified, the sooner you will enjoy its benefits.

  • Cheaper than a consultant
  • All tips, tricks and formats clearly laid out for you
  • The support desk is there to answer your questions and give advice
  • 100% online
  • Available when you want it
  • You set your own pace
  • Your management system is implemented, but you still have doubts about something? Even after implementation, the tool remains available to you. 
  • You can submit your documentation for review by specialized consultants who will give you the feedback you need to move forward. 
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