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Online consultancy: an affordable ISO 9001 certification process

In the early 20th century, the fastest way to get from London to New York was by ship. This would take about three days. If you had said that in the future this trip would take a maximum of 8 hours in some kind of iron bird with turbine engines (also called: aeroplane), you would […]

25 Jul 22

A quality manual; what is it and what’s in it for you?

ISO standards (e.g. ISO 9001:2015) and the establishment and maintenance of a decent quality management system are inextricably linked. With the quality man-agement system you determine the desired method of working, record it in a clear and structured way and ensure that the procedures and work instructions are accessible to the right people in the […]

20 Jul 22

Set up and maintain complaints procedure according to ISO 9001

A complaint! Very unfortunate if you receive one. But do you realize that you should actually be very pleased about that? A complaint gives you the perfect opportunity to implement improvements through a complaints procedure. And one of the ISO 9001 requirements is continuous improvement. You see? A complaint is actually a gift, as it […]

15 Jul 22

The PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) in relation to the ISO 9001 standard requirements

The Plan-Do-Check-Act circle (PDCA cycle) is a method to steer continuous improvement in an organisation. In this article, we tell you all about this much-used method.

05 Jul 22

What are the costs of ISO 9001 certification?

What it will cost to obtain ISO 9001 certification depends on your approach. There are two different types of costs to begin with: Costs to implement ISO 9001; Costs of actualy getting the ISO 9001 certification. Before we look at the costs, it’s important to determine your approach. This approach also depends on your motivation […]

07 Apr 22

ISO certification explained

A comprehensive overview of everything surrounding ISO certification can be found in this article. The costs of certification, the various standards, how long a certification process takes, in short: everything you ever wanted to know is covered.

04 Jan 22

Why get ISO certification?

Why get ISO certification? There are numerous reasons why your organisation should seek ISO certification. Imagine this: you are in a tendering process, or want to win a contract with a new customer or government agency. You are fully prepared and ready to go. But in the end you are not chosen because you do […]

15 Nov 21

What is an ISO certification?

The question what is an ISO certification is not a question answered easily. The world of ISO standards can be quite complex. In this article we try to provide a short answer so you know what an ISO certification is.   More and more companies are asked to submit an ISO certificate before doing business, […]

15 Nov 21

How to deal with a major non conformity

During the external audit, the certification body finds a critical deviation, a major non conformity, with regard to one of the standard requirements. Now what? First of all: no need to panic! Consider this as a gift and not as criticism; it will certainly not result in the loss of your certificate. It gives you […]

12 Nov 21

How to properly prepare for an audit

Audits are crucial to receive and maintain certification. Yet they are often perceived as anxious moments. If you properly prepare for an audit you have already won half the battle: it ensures that you can enter the audit with confidence.  Have sufficient knowledge of the requirements! Of course it starts with this: make sure you […]

12 Nov 21

Common mistakes in quality management (and how to avoid them)

The first mistake: “I have a manual and procedures so I am doing well in quality management”. A book full of printed paper does not make quality, people make quality. Of course, a system is the basis, the pillar to start from and eventually to fall back on. However, the foundation is laid much earlier. […]

19 Oct 21