About us

We change the world of ISO certification

Our mission is really simple: we want to enable you to set up and maintain your management system all by yourself, without assistance of a consultant.

We have years of experience in the wonderful world of ISO standards and we firmly believe that certification processes can be made easier and shorter. So our ambitious team put their heads together and spent nights brainstorming to find a pragmatic way to simplify the ISO certification process and make it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Everybody did their part in contributing to the ultimate goal: facilitating ISO certifications. And it worked: here is the My ISO Genius software tool!

The software tool for ISO standards

The tool that enables you to get your ISO certification yourself, as quickly (or slowly of course) as you want. Designed so that every step is outlined for you and all the time-consuming research is done. All you have to do is follow the steps. No more piles of folders full of paper everywhere, all your documentation is stored in the software tool. So we help you clean up as well 🙂


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Impact Advies Groep

My ISO Genius is part of the Impact Advies Groep, a group with the mission: We change the world of compliance and improvement. From this mission we work continuously on optimising our offer and innovation. Also part of the Impact Advies Groep are KAM Consultants, specialists in certification guidance and the Online ISO Academy, where you can gain all your basic knowledge about ISO standards through a knowledge subscription. Learn when, where and how you want.

Meet the team

Joost CEO
Melissa Marketing Coördinator
Louisa Sales Manager
Eline Customer Support
Sven Standards specialist