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Product and pricing

I am not sure whether I want to do the setup of my management system myself or outsource it. Can you offer me support in making this decision?

Of course. You can request a free consultation with one of our specialists. We will discuss the possibilities with you and determine which option fits you best.

What are the costs of the software?

The costs of the software are € 1.068,- per year if you pay yearly or € 99,- if you pay monthly (excl. VAT).

Do I pay per employee?

No, we believe that a management system like ISO 9001 should be used by the entire organisation. Therefore we work with a fixed rate for the software, regardless of the number of users!

Do the number of employees matter?

No. In fact, divide the work. 

Are there any additional costs using My ISO Genius?

My ISO Genius helps you to meet the requirements of the standard and to set up and maintain your management system.

To get certified you need to be audited by a certifying organisation. These are additional costs.

Within My ISO Genius you have the option to purchase some add-ons, if you want more support or certainty.

What are the methods of payment?

Depending on your method of payment you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. You can pay by bank transfer, IDEAL, Credit Card or PayPal.

Do I get all the functionalities of My ISO Genius?

Yes you do! The software of My ISO Genius has 1 package in which all modules and functionalities are included.

Can I get a demo by My ISO Genius?

You certainly can. Ask for a free consultation and we will show you the possibilities of My ISO Genius.

Can I also use My ISO Genius for other standards than ISO 9001?

You can! All modules are generally designed to meet the requirements of many different standards. The learning module that is built into My ISO Genius is currently only focused on ISO 9001. Implementing another standard? With the help of our consultancy services we will work together to make this possible.

How long is a subscription period?

You will be subscribed for one year which will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. This first year is important to use the software as widely as possible in your organization and to work together on your management system.

How much experience do you have with guiding organisations towards certification?

My ISO Genius was created by KAM Consultants. Since 2011 we guide organisations to many different types of certification. Always with the highest possible result!

What is your success rate?

Within all our programs we have a 100% certification rate. In other words: All organisations that work with My ISO Genius or use consultancy services are successfully certified.

What if I miss a certain functionality in the software tool?

My ISO Genius is continuously developing. Please let us know your wishes via the support form. All requests are bundled and will be evaluated. New features are developed regularly based on these requests.


I have a question about a certain module or standard requirement. Where can I ask my question?

In the My ISO Genius software you have the option to ask a support question using the form in the software.

Do I have support from a Helpdesk?

Of course! While using My ISO Genius you have access to our Helpdesk. Ask your question through the support form and you’ll receive an answer from one of our experts. This is not only for questions regarding the software, but also regarding the standards.

How quickly will my support questions be handled?

We do our best to answer all questions within 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours on working days.

Is it possible to have my work checked in the software?

Our experts are able to log into your account at your request and look at your management system. In this way, uncertainties can be quickly resolved.

I want support but not the full consultancy process. Is that possible?
Yes, the software includes several add-on options. By requesting the add-ons you have the possibility to request:

1. An onboarding assistance in which we go through the first steps with you;
2. A video call with a specialist. During a video call you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This makes it a great replacement for a consultancy project. You yourself decide how often you want to purchase a video call;
3. An expert check: Our specialists will check the parts you have set up. So you know for sure that you are using My ISO Genius in the right way;
4. A pilot audit: want to be 100% sure you’re ready for certification? During a pilot audit one of our specialists will audit your organisation. The report will automatically complete the requirements of the internal audit for the first period.
What languages can I ask my questions in?

Questions can be asked in Dutch and English. Questions in another language? Thanks to various translation methods, we can answer most questions in many languages.

I already have an existing management system. Can you support the integration within My ISO Genius?

Our specialists can support you with this. However, this depends on the setup and size of the existing management system. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

My question is not listed, what now?

Is your question not among our frequently asked questions? Please contact us through this contact form.


What add-ons are available?
1. An onboarding process in which we go through the first steps with you (€ 300,-);
2. Video call with a specialist. During a video call you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have. This makes it a great replacement for a consultancy project. You yourself decide how often you want to purchase a video call (€ 95,- per call);
3. An expert check: Our specialists will check the parts you have set up. So you know for sure that you are using My ISO Genius in the right way (€ 350,-);
4. A pilot audit: want to be 100% sure you’re ready for certification? During a pilot audit one of our specialists will audit your organisation. The report will automatically completed the requirements of the internal audit for the first period (€ 875,-);
5. Implementation coaching program: Do you want a project leader who knows all the ins and outs of the standard? You do not have the time to go through modules yourself? With a implementation coaching program you can be sure that you are filling in the requirements correctly. Our specialist will go through the requirements of the standard in several sessions and will set out assignments for your organisation. Step by step you implement My ISO Genius in your organisation and make sure you meet the requirements of the standard (€ 1500,-).
What happens during onboarding?

Together we go through the My ISO Genius system, including the first modules. We will create the necessary users and discuss the best approach to implement your ISO Management System. We’ll also give you the necessary tips & tricks to work as efficiently as possible. No more wasting time on figuring out how to do it, we tell you exactly what has to happen!

How does a video call with a specialist work?

You purchase a video call. The specialist will contact you to set the meeting for the video call, normally within one working week. The video calls can take place via Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings or Zoom.

What is an expert check?

The expert check gives our specialist temporary access to your My ISO Genius environment. The specialist will go through all modules and documentation to determine to what extent you meet the requirements of the standard. At the end of the check you receive a report of findings. If desired the findings can be discussed.

How does a implementation coaching program work?

With an implementation coaching program you have an experienced project manager who manages the project, brings in the right knowledge, answers all your questions and ensures that your organization is ready for certification as quickly and efficiently as possible. Several sessions are planned in which the requirements of the standard are discussed. In addition, various actions and tasks are discussed with which your organization will get to work. After the actions and tasks are completed, the specialist reviews the result, so you can be sure that you have paid enough attention to everything. Together we go through all the requirements step-by-step, to get your organisation ready for certification.

What do you do during a pilot audit?

During the pilot audit we will assess your organization and the implementation of My ISO Genius against the requirements of the standard. We interview several employees and come to the conclusion whether your organization is completely ready for certification or still needs to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. At the end of the pilot audit you will receive a clear report with action points. This will give you the most assurance that you are ready for the external audit!


I want to outsource the setup of my management system, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible! Our experts help organisations to set up and implement their ISO management system. This is done through coaching programs (we set out the lines, you get to work) or intensive guidance in which we also set up the necessary documentation and fill My ISO Genius for you. And all that with a 100% success guarantee at a fixed price! So you know where you stand and that you will be successful.

All our consultancy is 100% online. This allows us to support organisations worldwide at competitive rates. After all, the inefficiency of travel time and the high costs involved are not there with online support. Would you rather have a consultant on location? Then our sister company KAM Consultants will take on the project with you.

Request a free consultation, so we can make a proposal for your desired support.

Is it mandatory to use My ISO Genius for a consultancy project?

No, it is not mandatory. However, you will automatically receive free access to My ISO Genius software for one year with a consultancy assignment. By setting up your management system in My ISO Genius you can be sure that you can easily maintain your management system yourself. Don’t want to use the software? No problem, we also have formats in Word and Excel for all requirements.

How long does it take on average before a project can start with a consultant?

After approval we always ensure that we can start implementing your ISO management system within 2 weeks.

How long does it take to get certified?

This depends on the size of your company and the speed you want to adopt. On average, setting up an ISO 9001 management system is completed within 3 months. However, our record stands at 6 days. For complex certification like ISO 27001 the average turnaround time is longer though.

Will you also accompany me during the external audit?

This is possible. Certification organisations are also increasingly choosing to conduct remote audits (or parts of them) via video calls. Our specialists can assist with this. It is also possible to call them in during the audit.

Can you also support the maintenance of the management system?

Yes, many organisations that don’t have an internal management system manager, like a quality manager, choose to outsource the maintenance of their management system. Because we can easily work together remotely through My ISO Genius, we can also support your organisation well after implementation. Want to know more? Request a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Obtaining ISO Certification

What are the steps I need to get ISO certified?

To achieve ISO certification you first have to meet the requirements of the relevant standard. My ISO Genius helps you to get your management system in line with these requirements. For ISO 9001 all requirements are clearly explained. After you have set up your management system you can ask a certifying authority to assess and certify your organization. Tip! Do you want to be certified quickly? Then request a quote directly from a certifying organisation. They often have 3 to 4 months of waiting time before there is room in the schedule.

The certifying organisation will audit your organisation. They will come and audit your organisation for 1 or more days. Do you meet all requirements? Congratulations, you are ISO certified! After this you must continue to maintain your management system. Every year you will be audited again to see if you keep improving your organisation and if you keep meeting the requirements of the standard.

How can you be sure that My ISO Genius meets the requirements of ISO 9001?

We have translated all the requirements of the standard into practical modules. In the learning center the necessary explanations are given for all the standard requirements. Each norm paragraph is described here:<br>

– What does the standard say?

– What does the standard mean exactly?

– What do you have to do concretely?

– How will the auditor assess you on this?

I think I have already done a lot to comply with ISO 9001. How can I make sure I am ready for the audit?

With our unique free GAP Analysis you can see for yourself how far you have already come in implementing your ISO 9001 management system.


I have a consultancy company and would like to become a partner of My ISO Genius. Is that possible?

We are happy to work together with other consultancy companies to support My ISO Genius in achieving their ISO certification. You can contact us to discuss a possible partnership.

Do you have any other questions?

Don’t hesitate and contact our team.